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Jacmor Engineering is Australia’s leading manufacturer and supplier of material handling equipment. Jacmor is also the authorised Australia-wide distributors for Thordon self-lubricating industrial and marine bearings and have dedicated dealers across Australia. Jacmor Engineering provides full technical and installation support and carry a huge inventory, bearings can be shipped overnight to any corner of Australia.

More than three decades ago, Thordon introduced the industrial-strength polymer bearing as an ideal replacement to bronze, and bearings made from other materials, to not only reduce noise but also extend the life on the hanger bearings in the material handling systems.

The applications for Thordon industrial bearings are numerous and include marine, industrial, pump and mining industries.

Thordon industrial bearings are dispersed all around the world via an extensive distribution network; the products are established in over 70 countries. Thordon Technical Services department and factory-trained distributors can provide you with assistance, product and installation support for all your industrial bearing needs.

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Quality Assured

The quality and accuracy of Jacmor Thordon Bearings are assured as in 1995 Jacmor successfully achieved ISO 9001 Quality Assurance Accreditation by Lloyd’s Register. This is further evidence of Jacmor’s dedication to providing our customers with only the best in water lubricated bearings, rudder bearings, propeller shaft bearings and more industrial bearings.

We at Jacmor have dedicated dealer’s state wide across Australia and can supply bearings fully machined to tolerance or as raw material, leaving the machining to be completed by the client.

Thordon Benefits

Long Life
A proven track record over 30+ years, always outperforming the bearings they replace.
Pollution Free
Thordon operates completely grease free and applications can be sealed or open, water lubricated.
High Design Pressure
Metallic bearings can be easily converted to Thordon.
High Abrasion Resistance
Thordon tends to deflect and then reject abrasive particles allowing them to pass through the bearing without becoming embedded.
Accommodates Edge Loading
Due to its elastomeric nature Thordon deflects slightly, effectively spreading the load.
High Resilience/Impact Resistance
Elastomeric Thordon bearings have a modulus of resilience 20 times greater than bronze.

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